Who’s on the team

  • Ramiro B. da Luz
  • Jonas Baumann
  • William Deegan
  • Thomas Desvain
  • Gil Forcada
  • Tom Gross
  • Ed Manlove
  • Ramon Navarro Bosch
  • Ross Patterson
  • Martin Peeters
  • Asko Soukka
  • Eric Steele
  • Timo Stollenwerk
  • Héctor Velarde

Who leads it

Timo Stollenwerk < tisto @>

What is the mission of the team

  • Running automated software tests and code analysis for Plone core, Plone core projects and selected Plone add-ons
  • Notifying developers about regressions and code quality

What is the team doing, why the team exists

  • What we are doing: running
  • Why do we exist: to ensure a high software quality for Plone

How to contact the team

  • We currently use the plone-website mailinglist:

How the activities are organized

How to become part of the team

  • Send an email to tisto @ or ping me on irc (tisto)