Testing locally (vagrant)

As collaborative configuration of servers is really useful to spread knowledge, so it is also that one can step on each others toes, or not be sure if a server can be really be used for testing, or if others are already testing on it while you also want to test…

So to make it short and easy: having a local environment (i.e. virtual image) to test changes before sending a pull request is extremely helpful.

For this vagrant is a perfect fit.

Set up

  • install vagrant and its dependencies and everything said on jenkins.plone.org Set Up Howto
  • from within a clone of jenkins.plone.org repository checkout run:
vagrant up master
vagrant up node

vagrant will automatically run the ansible playbook for them.

If the playbook fails, run:

vagrant provision master
vagrant provision node

And that will re-run the ansible playbook once again, and hopefully fixing the previous problem.

You can enjoy your newly jenkins.plone.org master server locally at:



There seems to be some problems with nginx.

POST requests get the port (8080) removed on the response. Adding the port back on the wrong URL makes it work again.

Finally, to run jenkins-job-builder on it, run:

jenkins-jobs --conf jobs/config.ini.in update jobs/jobs.yml